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Where do you start learning programming correctly?


Where do you start learning programming correctly?

The demand for programmers and developers has become everywhere, the need to hire developers and programmers is increasing day by day, the average salaries of programmers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait range between 20 and 30 thousand dollars annually in the World Bank report on the shape of jobs in the future, the demand for software and application development has boomed dramatically. He confirms that programming will be the most sought-after profession in the future. You dream of being a successful programmer and you do not know where to start, but you are in the right place.

How can I be a successful programmer?

In order to be a successful programmer in your field, there are several steps that you must follow in order to be on the right path, to learn the thing that you want, the process is not random. So, at the beginning, you enter the world of programming. 

There are three things in your mind. Either you are the programmer of web pages, such as the Facebook page, Yahoo or Google drives Or be a programmer specializing in applications such as games or various types of programs found in phones, or be a programmer for desktop applications (computers). These are three things in your beginning to enter the world of programming and you want to follow one of these bodies to start learning, but for each side of this Authorities There are requirements that you must learn.

Web developer

Do you want to be a successful web programmer?

To become a successful programmer you must learn to create web pages, there are two things you must learn Front end and Back end

The web is divided into two parts:

1- Front end

It is the one that appears to a user such as Facebook or Google page, it has its own languages that must be learned in order to be a web programmer, the first thing you must learn HTML Then CSS Then JavaScript These are three things that you must know before you start entering the web world, they are your requirements for programming web pages. 

They are responsible for processes for designing interfaces. There is a set of additional things that can be learned or possible without learning it is not a condition of it jQuery Which is used to facilitate JavaScript operations, it means instead of writing 10 lines in JavaScript you write it in one line shortcut code, can be used Angular To improve performance in pages, and possible use Bootstrap To be pages that work on the phone with the same competencies that you work with in the computer, these additions are useful for you in dealing with the web.

2- Back end

The operations that take place in secret, for example, when you click on the search button, it goes to the server and searches for you, and then returns to show you the results in front of you. Learn one thing from a group of things, learn PHP or Node. Js, Rails, Java SE, django or ASP.NET 5 each one has its own advantages, just below these are the requirements in order to take the right path to be a successful web programmer.

mobile application developer

If you want to be an Android or iOS mobile app programmer to program apps on a Mac (iOS) you need to learn the language of swift or Objectif C, these are the requirements for learning the basics and then learning iOS.

If you want to be a programmer for Android applications, you must first learn Java because Android is based on it, but if you want to be a Windows Phone programmer you have to learn the C # language because this method teaches you built applications in the native language.

If you want to develop applications on any iOS, Android and Windows Phone in the same language, you only need to learn the Xamarin language. We have been able to program Android, iOS, and Windows Phone applications in one language C #, so we only learn C # and then learn Xamarin, after we learn Xamarin is one app that works on iOS, Android, and Windows phone, which is great.

What if you are a web programmer and you want to program mobile applications but you do not want to learn the basic language of those systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone and still use the web mode all you have to use html, css and JavaScript languages.

In a style called hybrid app, the latter they use in what is called Xamarin, Cordova, or luonic, you can program them applications, but I do not recommend them if you want to program high-performance applications, just be a browser application for the site and so on, there is another thing that can program applications or games IOS, Android and Windows Phone using Unity, which enables the development of games and games based on the C # language

Desktop App developer

If you want to be a desktop application programmer, we have three options, either applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux, etc., there are several languages ​​to help you in that, so I chose a group of them that are most used and common, you can use JAVAFX to program applications that run on Windows Mac and this JAVAFX need Java. You can also use the C Sharp language to program applications that run on Windows only, which are among the languages ​​very similar to C ++ and Java. 

Microsoft has adopted some of the features of Java to simplify its architectures while maintaining the design similar to that of C. ++, C # also has a huge and active community of developers, as you can use the Python language to program applications on the desktop that works on both Windows and Mac and if you want to work only on the Mac you can use Swift or C language.


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