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The field of mobile application programming required in the job market?


The field of mobile application programming required in the job market?

The best areas of programming at present which are in high demand due to the use of phones by many customers, in fact there are existing techniques which are useful in many methods of programming mobile applications.

The field of mobile applications in recent times is generally increasing because the technology has become much more present in the past, in addition to a high demand for customers working on mobile phones, most people use phones and no longer use the web, because the applications still remain in the phone and a large percentage of their use is still increasing in every day and at any time, therefore the demand for technology is increasing, it should increase and there is a demand developers who do a lot of work in these areas, and the future is for mobile applications.

So, the field of Android application programming is to be sought after by many project and business owners, and it is an open source field that benefits a lot.

To program Android applications, you must first learn the programming language Java or Kotlin, to understand the basics of creating Android applications, and to master them, you need a little experience in each of the programming languages. following: HTML5, SCC, JavaScript.

everyone needs to learn programming especially android, how can we do it?

what is the beginning there are several to learn android directly or start with (native) so what is it?

Can anyone ask you why don't you start with (flutter) then what is (flutter), or someone wants to learn iOS apps so how can I start with programming?

In this article we are going to learn more about each of them and this starts so we divide general programming into mobile programming and they are:

The first one is single platform or native platform it feels like learning a programming language, that language I use to program a device or platform Like Java or Kotlin for Android maybe iOS what is it doing studying Swift or objectif C To start with iOS this is a specific (approach) which means it is native only, I use a specific language for a specific device, some people want to save time or start programming mobiles whether Android or iOS, they can use cross-platform with its tool, they can program Android and iOS like what, and what are things the most known. Cross platform, it has sections Hybrid approach and native approach.

Hybrid approach, I use something like Third party or not original, to program something, I use non-native thing, not Kotlin Not Java, swift or objective C to be able to deal with native this is not the best way but some people use it like what you might have heard of sound (Xamarin, Cordova or luonic) they use non-original program languages to program original stuff is that a problem?

If it is easy why not use it as it is not the best performance as it is not direct what is the second way it is the native approach which is flutter, native flutter dealing with near platform why? Because that's its original position.

As a tip, if you want to be a successful app builder, follow these steps:

● Start by learning about simple programs such as Android Studio, then move on to other programs if the need arises.

● Start learning the basics and over time you will gain a lot of experience in creating applications

● Take advantage of ready-made codes, read them and learn how each code works.