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Creation Code Registration page Login to websites


Today I'm going to give you a lesson on how to create a login page using my language 


Lesson result

Creation Code Registration page Login to websites

Introduction to login pages

Your web application may contain a page that allows registered users to log in to the site.

The login page consists of the following building blocks:

* A database table of registered users

* HTML form allows users to enter a username and password

* Log In User server behavior to ensure that the entered username and password are valid

* A session variable consisting of the username of the user is created when the user successfully logs in.

Welcome, dear friends, to our website with a new code that we are providing to you in order to benefit from it in placing it according to its need for you on your site and in this code you find several features and ready-made codes in all formats in order to make the website login model "From login".

Which is considered one of the most important things that characterize the site, and in this article you also find how the code will appear to the user in a simple and professional way as well as easy to use as shown in the image above with the possibility of modification to several formats, for example: colors, font type.....

Use code

Use this code to log in to the sites that contain their own database using the user's data that was automatically registered in the site's database record.

After entering the site, the user applies to register via his e-mail, or log in if he does not already have an account via Create new account And if the code or e-mail has been forgotten, press the feature " Forgot password? "

After that, several stages are completed until the code is retrieved easily, or you can quickly register via the account on Facebook, Google or Twitter.

File type :  HTML and CSS

File description: Creation Code Registration page Login to sites, this template is suitable for personal sites and for business presentation

Download the code


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