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The most important mobile application development languages

The most important mobile application development languages

Is the field of mobile application programming very much needed?

What are the most important mobile application development languages?

Mobile application programming is one of the best fields in programming at our time, which has a lot of demand due to the large use of phones.

The field of mobile applications in the recent period is generally increasing because technology has become much more present, in addition to the very much demand for customers working on cell phones, most people use phones and no longer use the web, because it is a constant reason that stays with every day and anywhere, thus demand increases On technology and thus the demand has become abundant for developers who work in these things and the future for phones, and thus the field of programming Android applications has a request for many project owners and companies, and it is an open field that you benefit from very much.

To program Android applications, you must first learn the Java programming language or Alkotlin ( Android applications ) and the Swift language for developing applications on IOS, as well as you can learn other languages ​​such as JavaScript and Python . . .

1 - Java :  is the basic structure in developing Android phone applications in order to be a successful developer of the Android system. Java is among the most popular languages ​​in the software world today and therefore using it well makes you more professional.

If you want to develop Android applications, you will most likely be committed to using Java, as you also have a large community of developers that has existed for a long time, and this means that you can get support and technical assistance easily so when you develop applications for phones using Java, you will have complete freedom to build any type of application that comes to mind.

2- Kotlin : is a statically written open source programming language targeting JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native , was developed by JetBrains .

The project started in 2010 and has been open source since very early. The first official version 1.0 was in February 2016, Kotlin was created to solve the problems in the Java language according to the followers of the grammatical structure of this language, simpler and more compelling and leads to less amount of long code.

This helps you focus more and more on solving any actual problem instead of struggling with syntax. Also, you can use Kotlin and Java together with each other in one project, and this makes your project very powerful and effective.

3- Swift : If you want to develop IOS applications, Swift may be the appropriate language for this field. Swift has continued to attract phone developers at a tremendous speed in recent years, it is a very popular language, especially among emerging IOS companies in addition to the Apple company, this language has some great features Such as the ability to easily identify programmer's errors and the simplified syntax. The great efforts made by Apple to promote the Swift language clearly indicate its desire to make Swift among the main languages ​​in the development of its own applications.

4- Python : is a popular high-level programming language designed to be easy to read and easy to implement, it is open source and very beautifully designed The makers of this language have made a great effort to keep its syntax as simple and clear as possible, this really helps novice developers to maintain a high level of productivity Most programmers, mathematicians, and data analysts use Python as a fast, more developed and easy-to-implement language, and Python is distinguished from other programming languages ​​by being used in several disciplines such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as in data analysis.

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 5- JavaScript: a multi-platform language

JavaScript has a long history and is a very popular language for front-end development of websites "Front end" .

JavaScript allows web developers to do everything from improving the user experience of websites to building entire web applications.Today there are many frameworks JavaScript-specific and targeted specifically for mobile development platforms " react native and Ionic 2 "

It is very easy to develop multi-platform mobile applications using these frameworks and libraries. This means you only have to write one copy of your application and it will work on both systems Android or IOS "