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why should to learn Python

Python has a great story! ! In late 1989, Guido Van Rossum began writing the programming language Python to be a substitute for several languages, including the foul language "Perl", as programmers call it. He was inspired by a British comic program called: Monty Geaton.


This programming language that Van Rossum started to fill his spare time during the Christmas holidays to overcome extreme boredom has become today the most growing and popular language in the world, While developing the Python language it seemed just a hobby, but as soon as the first version was released, the programmers community realized that it was a mature and easy-to-understand programming language. 


This was strange at that time because all the powerful programming languages were difficult-to-read languages full of symbols and signs. Dr. Donald Noth said about it, the godfather of Algorithmic science “All popular languages are ugly languages Python is the only exception ” and as the years pass by, this language has been given interest by developers and programmers.

but the most important questions remains.


What is Python?


why should to learn Python, especially for beginners?


And why is it so popular?


Python is a popular high-level programming language designed to be easy to read and easy to implement. It's open source and very beautifully designed. The makers of this language have gone to great lengths to keep its syntax as simple and clear as possible, this really helps novice developers to maintain a high level of productivity

Most programmers, mathematicians, and data analysts use Python as a fast, more developed and easy-to-implement language, and Python is distinguished from other programming languages by being used in several disciplines such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as in data analysis.


We will now talk about the most important: Who makes Python one of the best programming languages ??


We now talk about 10 reasons why you should learn Python, especially for beginners.


Reason # 1


Python is an easy language to learn and its fields of work are strong and modern. The resources and lessons are free of charge in almost all languages and cover all levels from beginning to professionalism.


Reason # 2


The most companies in the world use the Python language and support them, like a Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others,  which indicates the increased demand for this language and its continued development.


Reason # 3


Its production language is transferable between different operating systems and is scalable and integrates with Java and dotnet. It can also write (C and C ++) language inside it.


Reason # 4 :  Artificial Intelligence


All the tools and platforms of artificial intelligence and machine learning used today are mostly written in the Python language, in addition to that this language is considered the fastest and most popular languages in data science, as well as the ability of Python to produce artificial intelligence applications, and one of the most important work libraries for Python in the field of machine learning is “ Tensor, Machine Learning Keras ”.


Reason # 5 :  Big Data Applications


In our time, there is an increase in the data sector, which made Python in the forefront of languages to be used in this field due to its strength in data processing, if Python is distinguished in dealing with ” Big Data applications && Parallel Computing “.


Reason # 6


Python is simple and beginner friendly as there is no programming language that combines ease, comprehensibility and power like Python to the point that even children can use it with ease


Reason # 7 :  Data Science


Python is a leading language in the field of data science for many researchers in recent years after what was their first interest. I used MATLAB to start the transition to Python and its digital engines such as Pandes and Numpy.


Python also deals with tables and arrays in a distinct statistical manner, as well as displaying information using its famous libraries “ Matplotlib and Seaborn “


Reason # 8


Python is a powerful language that has great libraries as well as multi-platform, Malaben libraries are ready to be installed with one button In addition to that the standard library for Python is rich and covers all needs, from Arduino devices and microcontrollers to websites through personal computers, Python works very efficiently on all these platforms And services.


Reason # 9 : Python Popularity and High Salary.


Python engineers are highly paid in the United States, about $ 120,000 annually.

Also, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years.


In conclusion: As for the new programming languages that were inspired by 

Python “ Robby, swift, julia”




Are you thinking about learning Python after this article or do you still think it is not worth learning ??


Let us know in the comment below this article, and Thanks For Attention.


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