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Why should to learn Bootstrap

what is Bootstrap ?

Bootstrap is a free framework that is used to facilitate the process of designing web pages for the developer as it provides him with ready-made CSS classes that he can use to show the components that we add in pages very beautifully and responsive to page size such as buttons (Buttons) Text fields, drop down menus, and other helpful things like the notification messages that we show to the user.

So the design that Bootstrap relies on to build it will look beautiful on the user's device whether he is using a phone, computer, tablet or any other device.

This framework is supported by Twitter and is readily available and free for everyone and is always being developed and adding more features to it, and until this moment version 4.5 is its latest official version.

Learn html in order to be able to better understand bootstrap codes and be able to add html elements to your site easily, and learn css in order to be able to modify the design of bootstrap templates in case you do not like the colors used in the templates or formats and others ....

The Bootstrap framework is Front-End because it is used for user interface design rather than programming.

In general, the Bootstrap framework consists of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and it depends on other available libraries such as Jquery and PopperJs, but of course you as a developer do not care at all about the nature of the relationship between them because it is the responsibility of Bootstrap developers and not the developers who use it.

For your information, Bootstrap relies on Jquery for the effects it adds to designs and anything related to hiding and showing, and it relies on PopperJs to improve the user experience for touch screens, such as if the user deals with your page through his phone or any tablet device.

How to embed a Bootstrap framework?

Before starting with Bootstrap, you must include the Bootstrap libraries on any page you want to use it on and there are two basic ways to do this:

    * You upload his files and add them to the project.

    * You only include their file links in the project so that you automatically download it.

        We will explain how to include links to Bootstrap files in the project because it is the most user-friendly and easy to apply.

Steps to include links to Bootstrap files

1- Go to the Bootstrap official website by clicking on the following link:

2-  After open the page, you will first find the following hashtags that you have to copy and add to the <head> ... </head> page.


Why should to learn Bootstrap


Why should to learn Bootstrap

We copy and paste it into the body element, meaning between </body> ... <body>.

so the bootstrap has been successfully linked to the site.